Food Allergen Certificate

Nationally Accredited Food Allergen Certificate

Many jurisdictions, including the states of Michigan and Illinois, require some or all managers in a food service operation to have a food allergen certificate. Everyone who works within the food industry has a legal and moral obligation to have a basic knowledge of food allergies, and this is why this course is highly recommended to everyone within the industry.

If your state currently does not have any legal requirement, under federal law, FDA Food Code 2013, you still have a legal responsibility to serve food that is safe and do everything possible to protect the consumer. Protecting an allergy sufferer falls within this Food Code.

The food allergen certificate is Accepted Across the whole of the USA and will be accepted by your local Health Inspector.

We strongly recommended that anyone who works within the food industry completes course and obtain a food allergen certificate. The most basic mistake can result in a severe allergic reaction and health risks.

What’s great about it?
  • Online, video-based format
  • Prices range depending on state with
  • No additional supporting materials to purchase
  • The course takes around 1 hour to complete
  • Course available in English and Spanish
  • Available for all 50 states

After your purchase, you’ll be able to provide email addresses for all users who will be participating in the course. They will be invited to begin within a few hours.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe how individuals can take personal responsibility to help protect an allergy sufferer from a food allergy-related incident
  • Identify the 8 major allergens, hidden allergens, and the importance of clear labeling
  • State the importance of keeping work areas clean and hygienic and the role of personal hygiene
  • Define the steps required to keep allergenic free food safe from cross-contact

Training and certification provided by the Always Food Safe company.

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