Food Handler Certification

ANSI Accredited Food Handler Certification

Earn your Food Handler Certification through our online, video-based training and learn what you need to know about food safety in order to keep you and your customers safe. 

The Food Handler Certification is accepted in some jurisdictions across the USA. Check with your local authories. The universally accepted Food Manager Certification is available here.

Learning Objectives
  • Describe how individuals can take personal responsibility for food safety
  • Demonstrate the importance of keeping themself clean and hygienic
  • State the importance of keeping the work areas clean and hygienic
  • Define the importance of keeping food safe

After your purchase, you’ll be able to provide email addresses for all users who will be participating in the course. They will be invited to begin within a few hours.

What’s great about it
  • An affordable option to familiarize your entire staff about food safety, going above and beyond to protect your guests.
  • Engaging video course in English or Spanish, takes about 2 hours to complete.
  • No proctor required in most states.
  • Pricing depends on state, includes all supporting materials.
  • 3 chances at taking the exam

Training and certification provided by the Always Food Safe company.

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