Food Manager Certification

Nationally Accredited Food Manager Certification

Earn your Food Manager Certification through our online, video-based training and learn what you need to know about food safety in order to keep you and your customers safe. 

This Food Manager Certification is Accepted Across the whole of the USA and will be accepted by your local Health Inspector.

food manager certification
What’s great about it?
  • 2 Exam Attempts included. 
  • 100% Online Video Training can be completed wherever, and whenever you have time.
  • Remotely Proctored Exam* allows you to take the test from the comfort of home.
  • Certificate Valid for 5 Years  just like that big, expensive company whose initials are SS.

After your purchase, you’ll be able to provide email addresses for all users who will be participating in the course. They will be invited to begin within a few hours.

What’s even better?

Price options range from $89 to $149

  • At least 20% less expensive than ServSafe.
  • Engaging video course with learning checks along the way.
  • 2 chances at taking the exam (with the remote proctoring option).
  • Supplemental reading materials for download immediately… NO BOOK TO BUY OR WAIT FOR.

Prices as low as $89 are available, with options for exam only and no proctor (a proctor will still be required for a valid certification).

Let’s just get real for a second… we’ve all been overpaying for “ServSafe” training (I was a trainer/proctor for years). They’ve become the “Kleenex” brand of food safety certifications, but there are many other options that are ANSI accredited and fulfill regulatory requirements nationwide. I’ve found one I think is great, and I’ve partnered with them. At my full price it’s at least 20% less expensive than ServSafe.

After you purchase, I personally handle the process and do my best to make sure you have a good experience.

-Rob Z

* If you have a group of 8 or more who will test at the same time, and you’re interested in in-person proctoring, contact us before you buy.

Training and certification provided by the Always Food Safe company.

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